Choosing an Affiliate Business Internet Marketing Program – The Journey Begins

The most commonly asked question I hear is how to choose a marketing program for a new online venture among all the affiliate program business opportunities. The question is valid. Online is just about the only place you can decide where you want your business to go.

It is scary and every doubt you ever had seems to come slithering out of your mental woodwork.

Here’s how you can go about it without taking years off of your life:

1. Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you want to keep your launch on the cheap. I know there is all kinds of guru advice about Pay Per Click and all that, but the truth of the matter is that unless you know your way around PPC or PPL, you can lose money very quickly, sometimes a large amount.

You want to learn the ways of the internet so that:

You will know how to generate organic free traffic.
An opt-in list is the way to make really good money. On average, it takes seven visits before someone buys something on the internet. An opt-in keeps you in their face. You want to know how to create one.
A beautiful way to generate long term, free traffic is to build web pages properly. Over a period of time, your site becomes known as an authority site.
2. Web hosting is critical and just about everybody is trying to do some. Go only with reputable companies. An even better step is to go with a company that gives you all kinds of free training. Get a company that shows you about search engine optimization, web traffic, organic traffic and article marketing.

3. The best internet marketing program is one that is built on free traffic. That means good quality web pages on your site, a well designed list of keywords and long tailed keyword phrases. It should include software to optimize your affiliate business internet marketing program.

Can you see now the basics of what you need for your small business? Highly targeted traffic generated free from the engines should be the bedrock of your program.

Advertising Small Business Internet Marketing Strategies

As more and more business owners realize the power of the internet to attract more customer their number one question they ask is ‘How do I advertising business using internet marketing?’

When it comes to advertising business internet marketing to make it easier to explain lets look at the internet in 2 ways:

The first way is paid advertising where you create a website where you can take orders or collect leads and then you pay to have your ads shown related to the people searching for information within your market. Your ads will usually consist of text form ads, banner ads and video ads.

The second way to look at the advertising business internet marketing is to build an online presence, using the search engines, and other sites, communities, etc to attract people to your website so you can make a sale or collect a lead.

In an ideal world you should implement both of these strategies to get maximum effort. The issue that most business owners face is that the first option will cost you money to learn it yourself or you can pay someone else to manage your online advertising campaigns. So if you are a budget this may not be the best option.

With the second way by building an online presence it lot necessary cost you much money but it will cost labor time and learning time if you don’t know what to do. However unlike the paid advertising once you have built a strong online presence it will remain there with little maintained efforts.

Online Affiliate Marketing Business and How it Works

The Need

There are companies that have produced products and services which they have listed online through websites. However, there are millions of websites on the internet and these companies need to get buyers interested in their products to come to their website. This is a huge task especially when the competition is stiff. However, someone somewhere came up with an answer that works wonders up to this day.

The Solution

The companies have decided to enlist the help of marketers to market their products. In a nutshell, people join their marketing team and are given tools to use to market the product. If a marketer promotes that product and a customer buys, the marketer gets a commission out of the transaction. Welcome to online affiliate marketing.

This is the equivalent of you recommending your barber or a shop you bought your beautiful dress to someone else. The only difference here is that your barber doesn’t pay you if your friend ends up getting a haircut there.

The Marketer

The marketer can be anyone who is able to use the computer with internet access. That means you and me. In internet marketing, they will call you an affiliate marketer and this is what you will do;

1. Find a hungry market that is spending money to solve a problem they have.

2. Find a product that addresses that need.

3. Promote the product effectively

If a customer buys that product, then you will be paid the commission. The best part is that all that I have outline above can be done for free.

Investing In Your Business

There are four main things you need to invest in this type of business if you want to succeed.


Accept the fact that there are those who have been around the block and have put together information from which you can learn. Some guides are free some are not. Again, the free guides will usually take you more time to master (since they keep the gems out). The ones you pay for usually give you more helpful information. The bottom line is that you will greatly reduce your learning curve by learning from someone

Internet Connection.

The assumption is that you have access to the internet (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this). However you access it, this is going to become an indispensable asset of your online business.


This depends on the whether you go the paid route or the free route and how much you are willing to work.


Whatever you read online about having to do little work and earn massive amounts of money is not true. This is just marketers playing with your emotions and your wallet. You will have to put in a lot of work initially before you can start working less by leveraging your efforts. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. I cannot make it any simpler.

Having said that, online affiliate marketing is a viable and potentially great business to go into. You should definitely give it a shot.